©2019 BY Sofyan Zahalka. 

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Sofyan Mohammed Zahalka is a photographer, a programmer and a program
presenter. He was born in 1987 in the village of Kafr Qara. He lives between
Kafr Qara and Berlin.
Kafr Qara is an Arab village located in the Northern Triangle. He holds a
diploma degree in photography, editing and graphic design, and a bachelor
degree in journalism and media.
He entered the field of photography and editing since 2010.
He has filmed many subjects and distinguished himself by filming public
relations and reporting. 
In the last year, he worked in preparing and making short films on his YouTube
He worked as a presenter and as a programmer in the educational radio for three
years.  He presented “On Air Arabia” Program by which he tells about the most
important weekly news.
He has worked in several television channels during the last 10 years, the latest
being the Broadcasting Authority.
He studied for two years in the field of teaching photography with school
students who had (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which led
to a radical change in their lives, from an educational and social point of view,
and made a remarkable progress in the level of academic achievement of
students. This has also greatly contributed to stimulating creative thinking and
increasing activity and efforts in the commitment to educational behavior at
This is considered an outstanding achievement and a progress for the students.
This educational project has proven to be very successful; accordingly, it has
impressed and earned the admiration of the Ministry of Education after having
seen the success it had procured, thus prompting the latter to acknowledge it
and offer it a grant accordingly in order to complete it.
Sofyan along with his students participated in a competition with all schools of
Al-Nasera (Nazareth) for documenting Al-Nasera as well as showing it in the
most comprehensive and beautiful way, culturally, socially, and in several other
ways, in order to reflect a unique human culture.  They were the first place

He participated in many exhibitions such as the Carmel Fire in 2016.
He filmed a project called “Listen, Witness and Talk”. The film talks about co-
existence and dual life between many nationalities.
This project was presented in many places, including the Jagiellonian University
in Poland, and the project was discussed in 2014.